This Scale has been designed for long life of accurate weighing under the most arduous condition with high accurate and easy portability. Impervious to shock durable and dependable with low maintenance cost. The exceptional strength of construction and the fact that the platform is supported on ball bearings make the PPS-114 Portable Platform Scale particularly establishments, warehouses and stores, and for use generally on docks, railway stations and goods deports. Conform to IS: 1435 1960 and weights & Measures Regulations throughout India.

The Steelyard is graduated to full capacity without loose weights. The clearly graduated index plate facilitates easy reading. Both poises run smoothly on the machined steelyard enabling quick indication. Wear of steelyard not is minimized to maintain accuracy by a special device is provided to hold the steelyard rigidly in place while loading and unloading. This prevents shocks being transmitted to the mechanism.

Levers made of extra heavy duty cast iron and fitted with interchangeable knife edges. The middle coupling of two levers is arranged to provide true alignment in ell direction. The levers are suspended from the base by free swinging links which enable the platform to move freely in the direction of loading.

All knife edges and bearings are made from special steel alloys with a relatively soft low-carbon steel backing. Knife edges are accurately lapped to gauge after hardening and fitted into machine beds in the levers.

All metal parts are painted with good quality paints and bright parts are coated with a preservative.

Technical Specifications:

92 – 300 300 kg. 0 to 300 kg. X 10 kg. 0 to 10 kg. X 100gms. 630 x 565 mm.
92 – 500 500 kg. 0 to 500 kg. X 20 kg. 0 to 20 kg. X 100gms. 785 x 710 mm.
92 – 1T 1000 kg. 0 to 1000 kg. X 50 kg. 0 to 50 kg. X 200gms. 970 x 910 mm
92 – 2T 2000 kg. 0 to 1000 kg. X 50 kg. 0 to 50 kg. X 200gms. 1020 x 1020 mm

*All measurements are approximate.