Millennium Multifunction Health Monitor

Technical Specifications:

Body Scale: – 2.5 kg. to 225 kg in the grades of 100 gms.
– 5.5 to 550 lbs. in grade of 0.2 lbs.
Baby scales: – 0 to 15 kg in grade of 10 gms.
Height : – 0 to 33 lb in grade of 0.6 oz
– 0 to 200 cms in grade of 1 cm
– 0 to 6 ft 7 in. in grade of 0.6 in
Blood Pressure: – 40 to 300 mmHg in grade of 1 mmHg
Pulse Rate : – 40 – 200 ppm
Fat Index : – 2 to 60 % in grade of 0.1 %
Weight: – 300 kg. ( 661 lbs.) iron Loadcell.
Height: – Ultrasonic
Blood Pressure: – Oscillometeric
Fat Index: Bio – Electrical Impendence Analysis (B I A)
Voltage: – 120 v ~ + 10 % – 15 %
– 230 v ~ + 10 % – 15 %
Frequency: – 50 / 60 Hz
Consumption: – on standby : 10
– In operation: 40 w max.w
In Operation
Temperature: + 10º C a + 40º C / + 50º F a + 104º F
Humidity:  30 % a 75 %
In Storage
Temperature: – 20º C a +70º C / -4º F a 158º F
Temperature:  10 % a 95 %
Printer: – Thermal Head
– 8 point / mm.
– 384 points / line, 32 characters
– per line. Vel = 40 mm / s.
– paper – end detection by photocell
Paper Width: – 57 mm ( 57 x 192 m x 17.5 )
Display: – Graphic LCD, 240 x 64 pixels, 127 x 34 mm.


  • Manufactured in sheet metal & polyurethane
  • High capacity Note Stacker ( Approx. 400 notes)
  • Reinforced sheet metal structure with 3 – point closing system and safety bar.
  • Many features integrated in one machine.

Three Machines in one.

  • Automatic Calibration System.
  • Multi Note Acceptor, which accepts up to 3 types of notes (Rs.10 or 20, Rs.50 & Rs.100).
  • Data display on Graphic LCD screen, Incorporates interactive guide to using the apparatus in the form of visual messages as well as Audible message.


  • Blood pressure obtained by means of the oscillometeric technique.
  • Armband with adjustable positioning in order to allow the wrist to be positioned correctly and in a relaxed manner.
  • Printed ticket showing the values obtained and the heart rate.


  • Percentage of body fat obtained along its equivalent in Kg. or lb. by means of the BIA ( Bio-electric Impendence Analysis ) technique.
  • Simply applying pressure to the lateral grip with the hands causes the equipment to gauge the impendence which results in the percentage of body fat in relation to the overall body weight obtained in the space of few seconds.

What is  B. M. I. ?

  • The body – mass index ( B. M. I. ) assesses weight in relation to size and can be used to estimate whether or not a person has a healthy weight or not.
  • The body – mass index is calculated by dividing the weight ( in Kg. ) by the square of the height ( in meter ).


  • The Body – Fat Index calculates the percentage of body fat and its equivalent in Kg / lb by means of Bio – Electrical Impendence analysis ( BIA ) technique.
  • Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissue that contain a high level of water, which means that they also have a high level of electrical conductivity. Body fat is tissue that has a low level of electrical conductivity.
  • The BIA technique involves sending a very weak electrical current ( 50 KHz & 50 uA ) through the body in order to determine the level of electrical resistance and thus, the quantity of obsess tissue.
  • Along with detail of the user’s weight, height, age and sex the electrical resistance obtained is introduced into a formula that indicated the percentage of fat mass in their body.

Is there any means of Monitoring Cash?

  • YES. The equipment is fitted with a electronic counter. The relevant data is printed out on a monitoring ticket.

Does the equipment  an anti – theft security system?

  • YES. The equipment  has two separate security keys. One of which is for the purpose of maintenance ( changing paper etc ), while the other is for the note stacker. The deposit is protected against intrusion attempts using any object and furthermore, a padlock can be fitted to it. Optionally a security band can be provided to be wrapped around the entire machine and is recommended in locations in which the equipment is unattended.

The Millennium multi – purpose equipment is fitted with a chip card reader that allows for the following options:

  • Money card, on which the desired amount can be stored in order to subsequently use the equipment without coins.
  • Usage memory, which enables user to keep track record of their last ten weigh, height & or blood pressure readings. The card memories each user information and prints it out on a ticket including the weight gain /  loss, with a view to monitoring their health more accurately.

How does Smart Card Works?

  • When the card is inserted, the equipment allows the user to select their desired option and indicates the corresponding prices. The amount is charged to the card. In the care of there being insufficient credit, the equipment automatically invited the user to top up the card with more credit via a specific screen, and the fact that the equipment has a coin recipient that accepts different coins and makes usage thereof more straightforward for users. When all operation have been concluded, a ticket showing previously recorded information is printed out.


  • The smart card secures customer’s loyalty and enables weight and blood pressure to be monitored accurately.