Alexandra’s AL2003 series Precision Electronic Balance with Windshield adopt the technology of gold-plated ceramic capacitance sensor, with the features of simple & compact structure, long service life, easy maintenance, fast response, large weighing, high accuracy & stability and multiple functions.  This series is widely used in the scope of laboratory, food, medicine, chemical, metalwork etc.

Main features:

  • All transparent glass windshield, samples can be seen entirely and clearly.
  • Adopting super-sensitive temperature sensor, minimize the sensitivity of temperature change.
  • Using high-precision moisture sensor, reduce the effects of humidity to a minimum.
  • Standard RS232 communication port, realize the communication between data and computer, printer or other device.
  • Counting function, upper and lower limits of weight checking function, cumulative weighing function, multiple units changing function
  • Dynamic weighing function.
  • Select the below hook weighing device.
  • Clock function.
  • Tare-Net-Gross weight display function.
  • Select USB interface
  • Select thermal printer.
  • Filling weighing function
  • Count weighing function
  • Weight checking function
  • Bottom weighing function
  • Percentage weighing function
  • Dynamic weighing function

Readability (mg)0.001

Model Number AL1203 AL2003 AL3203 AL4103 AL5003 AL6003
Max.Capacity (g) 120 200 320 410 500 600
Repeatability (g) ±0.001
Linearity Error (g) ±0.002
Operational Temperature Range (℃) 13 ~ 25
Operational Moisture Range (RH) 10% ~ 70%
Response Time (Average value) (s) 2.5
Pan Diameter (mm) Φ115
External Dimension (L x W x H mm) 230 x 310 x 330
Preheat Time (minute) 20-30
DC Adaptor Input:220V AC / 50HZ;110V AC / 50HZ | Output:7.5V DC / 600mA
Baud Rate Options 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600